The iconic catchphrase has finally been answered—because when it comes to Amelia Hamlin's passion for fashion.

The 21-year-old unveiled a dramatic transformation on TikTok.

She completely shaved off her eyebrows for an upcoming photo shoot for Interview magazine.

"Wow, OK. That was a big one," Amelia said in the one-minute clip, posted by the publication on Oct. 7. "I felt them go."

While the model noted that she had been "wanting to shave them" for quite some time.

She didn't pull the trigger until Interview's editor-in-chief, Mel Ottenberg, gave her a reason to.

"I love it," she squealed after touching the first shaved brow for the first time. "It's f--king sick."

Amelia shared a behind-the-scenes moment of the makeover, writing, "Only 4 u @melzy917 & fashion of course."

The daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin is no stranger to bold beauty trends.

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