The first Bachelor in Paradise season eight rose ceremony brought the drama—but it was nothing compared to how the episode ended.

Jacob eventually gave his rose to Lace, despite also kissing Kira and Hailey earlier in the evening.

Justin gave his rose to Genevieve, even after Genevieve threw a fit because he accepted a one-on-one dare with Victoria.

After being linked to Hunter in the early going, Johnny averted course and gave his rose to Victoria. 

Romeo, who had succeeded in making himself the early villain on the island, gave his rose to Jill as a peace offering.

With all of the roses doled out, Kira, Hunter and Hailey were the first castoffs of the season.

James and Aaron both came in with date cards for a double date—and they wasted no time in making things incredibly uncomfortable.

James selected Shanae, while Aaron picked Genevieve. As any Bachelor Nation historian can tell you.

Shanae called out Genevieve for sleeping with Aaron during the Women Tell All special after Clayton Echard's season.

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