Bling Empire's Kevin Kreider is no longer crashing on that mattress on the floor.

That's right: The Netflix reality series' perennial bachelor is still together with on-again, off-again girlfriend Devon Diep.

Plus, to make things even better, the couple is now living together in Los Angeles!

"She moved from Boston to live with me," Kreider told E! News exclusively at Christine Chiu's season three.

"Living together is great, we've just had some unfortunate apartment situations."

Kreider revealed that the couple is now in the middle of their third move in just six weeks of living together.

But luckily, the two remain happily in love—so much so that Kreider could see Diep coming on as a full-time cast member in season four. 

"I think we need more hot girls on our show!" he quipped.

"I think she's really eager to be somebody who's a natural beauty, and to bring the Vietnamese culture to the spotlight more."

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