Devon Sawa totally gets Christina Ricci's embarrassment over her acting in Casper.

Ricci recently revealed she thinks her performance in the beloved '90s film is "terrible."

Her former co-star is weighing in on her criticism of herself. In fact, Sawa says he definitely can relate to her sentiments.

"I mean, that's her thing," Sawa exclusively told E! News, adding, "Little Giants is my movie that I cringe."

I can't put Little Giants on. That whole scene where we're sitting on the boat talking about the two people kissing.

I wish I could go back and reshoot that. Knowing what I know now it's just you're a kid and you've got a lot to learn.

Sawa also revealed he's not keen on regularly screening Casper for his kids—son Hudson, 8, and daughter Scarlett, 6.

"I have a video somewhere of my son seeing it—he didn't get it," the Chucky star admitted.

Sawa, 44, and Ricci, 42, were both young teens while shooting the 1995 film. Nearly 30 years later, they still manage to stay in touch.

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