Hailey Bieber is sharing how she prioritizes her mental health.

Rhode skincare founder spoke about her relationship with social media and why it's important for her to unplug from it at times.

"I think in terms of mental health it can be really, really hard sometimes," she said.

"And I think sometimes it's important to take a step back and stay off of social media sometimes."

"This is something that I struggle with and I have to be intentional about not reading comments and taking breaks." 

Hailey admitted it can be hard to ignore negativity online. "I think sometimes as humans we look for the bad," she continued.

We look for that one bad comment, or we look for that one bad review. 

So, I've had to be as intentional as possible to not do that.

In March 2021, she spoke about the level of public scrutiny she received after she wed Justin Bieber.

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