Piece by piece, Kelly Clarkson is working to raise strong kids.

Kelly Clarkson Show host revealed the advice she's constantly giving their kids River, 8, and son Remington, 6.

"I tell my kids this all the time," Kelly said. "You're each other's buddies."

"Especially cause we went through divorce, right? So they go to their dad's and mine," Kelly continued.

"So anytime you travel, you've always got each other."

And whenever her kids aren't on good terms with each other, The Voice coach is there to intervene with a friendly reminder that they need one another.

"So I always try and make them like buddies when they fight," Kelly told guest Mila Kunis. "I'm like 'No, no no. This is your wing man.'"

This means always being a united front, even if its at the expense of the Grammy winner not knowing everything.

"I'm like no, you're supposed to stick up for each other. Don't tattle tell all the time on me," she said. "I'm like, 'don't tell me.' You can have your things."

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