A Southern Charm showdown is on the horizon.

The trailer for the Bravo series' Sept. 29 season finale teased a blowup between Craig Conover and Leva Bonaparte.

I think the finale is a big culmination of a lot of things that the viewer sees.

Some of it; they don't see all of it," Leva said. "There's just a lot of stuff stewing.

Namely, the tension between Craig and his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo.

"I've had a friendship with Craig for over a decade," Leva explained.

"And Naomie threw my baby shower. I got that close to Naomie when she was dating Craig. It's a very, very true friendship."

Suffice to say, she now "innately gets interwoven" in their drama.

However, there's no mistaking which side of the fence she falls on when Craig starts name-calling and yelling at Naomie.

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