Danielle Ruhl is focused on forging ahead with life after the altar.

More than one month after the Love Is Blind star filed to divorce from husband Nick Thompson after one year of marriage.

The reality TV star is opening up about her journey beyond their romance and subsequent split.

"Obviously, breakups are hard," Danielle exclusively told.

They're always going to be hard. It's been a pretty difficult time and then re-watching.

After the Altar just kind of adds an additional element of feelings to everything. There's ups and downs. You just have to ride the wave.

As for fans who wonder about their breakup happening on the heels of After the Altar.

Danielle noted that viewers are still catching up on events that occurred months ago.

"The one thing that I get asked about a lot is like, ‘Oh, you guys seem so perfect during After the Altar," she shared.

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