You can change jobs, but you don't change friends. That's one message Lynette Romero received.

From a peer when she left news station KTLA after more than 24 years in September.

And in a new Facebook Live, the anchor is proving that expression can be true.

Lynette shared an update on social media from her new job at KNBC in Los Angeles.

She confirmed she is still close with former co-anchor Mark Mester.  

"I know that a lot of you are asking a lot of questions. Why did I leave? How is Mark?" she said.

I will tell you Mark and I talk every day. I'm respecting him. He's respecting me and our privacy.

We will talk about all these things at some point. This is not the time or the place so I know you guys will respect that.

Lynette added that Mark is "well and taking care of himself and he's going to be doing amazing things."

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