Nikita Dragun may be one of YouTube's biggest stars, but even she needs to take a break sometimes.

The beauty influencer, businesswoman and model has been on a hiatus from the platform for over a year, posting her most recent makeup tutorial in June 2021.

She broke down the real reason behind her absence on E! News' digital series DRIVE!.

"Things just started getting a little crazy," she exclusively told host Austin J. Mills.

I've always been very unfiltered and shared all aspects of my life. 

But as the attention and the followers and all that other stuff started growing, it's like you're subjected to so much more than just a couple comments.

Over the years, she's become an expert at dealing with negative backlash.

The star has amassed over 3.55 million subscribers on YouTube, 9 million followers on Instagram and 14.5 million followers on TikTok.

Her secret to blocking out the haters? "I just say, 'If I survived high school, I could literally survive anything,'" the 26-year-old shared. 

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