More than 15 years ago, a man turned into a thief after a night out inside Paris Hilton's car.

Now, he is ready to confess—and may have made a new bestie in the process.

In a TikTok freestyle rap video that follows the "One Thing About Me" trend.

Influencer Gregory Brown from the AsapSCIENCE channel recalled a story how he "robbed" the heiress of a pair of designer sunglasses.

Paris, who was famously one several celebrities targeted by a "Bling Ring" of burglars, not only appears unbothered by the incident.

But even responded to the video about the '00s incident in a very '20s way: Through a TikTok reaction "duet."

"One thing about me is that I once robbed Paris Hilton and I hope she never sees this because I could go to jail. The slammer," Greg, 34, said.

I was at an M.I.A. concert. The musician. It was great. I was drinking and [makes a smoking gesture].

I left the concert and then a big, black car pulled up and all these people screamed and Paris Hilton got out.

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