Rachel Zoe is giving an update on her 11-year-old son Skyler nearly two years after his ski lift fall.

"He's great. He's ready to ski," the fashion designer, 51, exclusively told while walking the red carpet.

"It's surreal to me, but he's great."

And I think that's why they always say kids are resilient—they are. They're really resilient, a lot more resilient than us.

Zoe, who received the Vanguard Award at the gala, then shared how the accident changed her outlook on parenthood.

"Every day changes my outlook on parenthood, honestly," she continued.

Because no day is the same and no day is what you expect it to be. But I think he teaches me every day

He teaches me to sort of don't live in fear and don't be so apprehensive about everything because you're scared.

So, he's amazing like that. He's a brave little soldier that one.

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