Janelle Gonzalez, who is known as @janellegonzalez360 on the video-sharing app.

Posted a one-minute clip detailing the unfortunate allergic reaction she had the morning.

After enjoying a passionate make-out session with a date the night before.

"I was wracking my brain because I know I'm allergic to seafood but I know I didn't have any last night," the influencer said.

"But I did, however, make out with a guy last night...like, spit and tongue."

While the TikToker admitted that she wasn't sure kissing could cause an allergic reaction, she decided to reach out to her date.

"I texted him, 'Hey, this is a really weird question but by any chance did you have seafood or shrimp yesterday?'" Janelle recalled.

After discovering that puckering up to her date did, in fact, make her lips swell, she ended the video with an important PSA.

"Y'all it's not even safe to make out with men anymore," she quipped. "Watch your backs out there, this is serious."

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