Kylie Jenner's latest beauty look is raising eyebrows.

25-year-old retreated to her hotel room and snapped a few sexy photos of herself in bed.

Changing up her signature glam, Kylie showed off a shorter haircut and shocking bleached brows.

She lounged in her underwear and black over-the-knee boot eating grapes.

She captioned the steamy Oct. 1 post, "slay sleep repeat."

The jarring look sparked instant attention in the comment section, with one fan asking, "Where yo eyebrow at queen??"

Another writing, "No eyebrows about to become a thing."

Gigi Hadid—bleached her own eyebrows back in June for the Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Also weighed in on her friend's new look leaving the complimentary comment, "Stunn."

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