If you believe Blonde, Marilyn Monroe never had a moment's happiness in her all-too-short life. 

Not that you should believe Blonde, the hotly anticipated film starring Ana de Armas.

That's based on Joyce Carole Oates' 2000 novel of the same name.

A book the author described as "a radically distilled 'life' in the form of fiction."

Meaning, though it certainly draws from true, well-chronicled events, many of them caught on camera, Blonde is not a biopic.

"It's a dream film about Marilyn Monroe," writer-director Andrew Dominik explained in a Netflix interview.

"It's about the image as much as the person. She's grappling with, and we're grappling with, the image of her life."

It's unlikely anyone is sitting down these days to watch or read about Monroe expecting a feel-good story.

Dominik has captured the disjointed and distorted hallucinatory reality of the novel with an unflinching feminist eye.

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