You won't find Julie Bowen on a private island.

The Modern Family actress, who played Claire Dunphy on the ABC comedy which ran from 2009-2020.

Gave listeners a peek into her finances during a Sept. 26 appearance on the All Good Things with Jason Nash podcast. 

"First of all, you and I are both California divorced," she joked to Jason Nash.

"That's its own financial situation and you roll with it."

"I can't go into the details, because I have a lot of respect for my ex and we chill and we have really great kids together," Bowen continued.

"But I did not go off and buy another house when Modern Family was done."

She continued, "A lot of my cast members were like 'Maybe I'll buy an island.'

'I was like, 'Huh, I am not going to be doing that.'

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